Columbus Dental Assisting

Client Love

There are so many reasons I am excited to share Columbus Dental Assisting with the world, but mostly because I love seeing how people grow in their careers and take things to the next level. To learn a profession, gain respect through experience with reputable offices, then to move onto teaching others shows so much commitment to an industry. And Lauren and Kendra have done just that. As Dental Assistants themselves, they have started Columbus Dental Assisting to educate others and establish a springboard to a new career. With an 11-week program offered multiples times per year, they will be giving so many people the opportunity to begin new careers in an in-demand field without the heavy debt of college or trade school programs. 

This project allowed me to work with one of my new favorite structures- single page design- where most of the content is organized on a single webpage and the navigation links move you further and further down the page. This is a great structure for businesses that do not have enough content to rank well with search engines if the content was spread out over multiple pages. By utilizing lists and dropdown, we organized the content in ways that highlight important features without long uninteresting sections of text.

The registration page utilizes Gravity Forms and PayPal which are reliable, secure, low-cost methods of receiving online payments.

When Lauren and Kendra started work on this project they sent some design inspiration my way- including colors, pictures, and shapes that they felt represented the brand they were trying to create. The logo they had created was black and grey which established a really clean, professional look for the brand. The teal colors with the occasional pop of pink allowed us to design a website that was both professional and modern. Triangles were incorporated as strong diagonal section dividers to draw the user’s eye down the page.